Saturday, July 05, 2014

Shopping at Bangkok - Terminal 21 (Asok/Sukhumvit)

It's been like 5 years since I last visited Bangkok city and the last few times I went, it was only a few days trip. At that time, I was really privileged to have people taking me out. And now, since Air Asia made it possible for everyone to fly, I finally booked the tickets and decided to go again to look-see.

Since Bangkok is a city, it's always having traffic jam, so the most strategic place to stay is to the nearest BTS/MRT station. I was actually contemplating if I should stay around Pratunam for cheap bargains, but I ended up staying around Sukhumvit. I lived just opposite Terminal 21 and would visit that mall every time the train stops there. Well, it's literally, passing by the mall on my way back to the hotel.

It's a themed mall. Every floor represents different country, and we should also visit every toilets in every floor. Best part is to test the 'toilet bowl'.... :D

The only place that I always visit is h&m and the grocery store, Gourmet Market. Almost every night, I'd pick an item to eat. And not forgetting the restaurants - dinner/supper is the place :)

I was at Paris .:)

And, the Japanese themed floor.

 mostly selling bras and lingerie and pretty dinner gowns


I like London too :)

And the united states of America

And other random pictures..
Nothing much that i bought here - but if we were to stop by Emporium (BTS station: Phrom Phong), there is a big two-storey Naraya store. But since Emporium is under major renovation, it's not the best time to visit yet - but most brands are available there. However, greyhound cafe is available there.

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