Thursday, July 10, 2014

On an awesome Saturday morning at Chatuchak (JJ Market)

Bangkok was really awesome - even on that week - the weather was really good to me. It was a sunny day, which made it possible for me to walk around the stalls in JJ.

I always wanted to spend more time in JJ, but it never happened, I spent a few hours here, and it wasn't really enough. The stalls are usually opened ~9.30am or 10am (so, it's really no point going there early), and I took the MRT to Kamphaeng Phet Station. It directly leads to the entrance of the market.

There was just so much handicraft to browse. I bought a lot of owls for souvenirs because they are really too cute to be left alone in the basket. Since everyone bought the same souvenir, we actually helped the lady boss to pack into nice plastic bags.

My friend bought many gifts (in bulk) for her wedding. So, JJ is the place for door gifts, wedding favours, birthday packs and etc. I wish to go there again, as I only walked only half of the place, until the clock tower and went back :(

Since it was supposed to be brunch, we stopped by for food. The menu was easy. Just point our fingers at the menu and show the finger 1 to 5.. :)

Phad thai.

Pork noodle clear soup

Some hor fun with tomato gravy (it's just random - it's not even thai food)

Yummy mango sticky rice.
(too much rice - didn't manage to finish it)

 Coconut ice cream and of course, fresh coconuts

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