Monday, May 05, 2014

My first visit to Alma, Bukit Mertajam - Frosts

Being a Penang islander, I'm quite hopeless when it comes to the roads in mainland. I'm too used to driving small roads, and the roads at mainland are really wide. On that night, I decided to visit a place called Alma.

Along the main road (Jalan Rozhan), I could see AEON Mall under construction on my left, and Tesco on my right. Frosts is situated opposite Tesco Alma.

This is almost like a new housing area, with many shoplots, and many signage of DNP developer.

Pyramid chocolate cake - I don't find it impressive at all.

Satay, but it seems like it's deep fried chicken meat with cheese.

 Peanut snow ice - It isn't impressive as well. I was trying to try out a new flavour, but ended up, the peanut butter just didn't go well with the shaved ice.

Aurora drink. Ah... very interesting soda drink with 4 different colors of ice cubes. Just like Aurora.

I got lost around this area for 1 hour once. I talked about it with some friends that I couldn't find any road signs that tell me "Penang bridge". They told me, the best way to get out the area is to look for the road sign that says "Butterworth". And now, I'm finally wiser by the day....

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