Friday, April 18, 2014

The Living Room at Macalister Mansion

Back then, there was no TWG yet in Penang, thus, there are some that would drop by to Living Room for an afternoon tea. 

It was last year when I came and I have not make it a point to blog about it until now..

Very pretty interior and exterior. Well coordinated whites and greens.

I was waiting for the food that I ordered, thus, I walked around for some pictures of the place.

The open area that connects to the dining room and toilet.
(one of these days, I must try out the dinner there at the dining room)

Complimentary bread 





Dessert of the day to pick from the counter

The smaller dessert to pick

TWG teas :)

It's been almost half a year ago that I have forgotten most of the finer details. The service was excellent and the food was good. But, I would like to comment that the staff were very attentive. One of the staff saw that I left my bag on the floor thus, he pushed a small stool over and asked me to place my bag on the stool instead. I believe he didn't want to see that my bag gets dirty, but it's really very sweet of him to do that. Plus points (+ + + ) for this place. 

I wouldn't mind coming back again. This place is indeed very suitable for quiet gatherings, away from the noise like most restaurants in the shopping malls.
Check out their official website here:

And also, I would like to thank my two sisters for treating me lunch :D :D

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