Monday, April 21, 2014

A small birthday gathering at Western Spices, Green Hall, Penang

On a usual weekend, I'm quite surprised that this place is packed with customers, despite the fact that there are limited parking lots outside the restaurant. It is situated after Convent Light Street, at Green hall. 

Their affordable set lunches are available on weekends.

 The staff were very accommodating, as our tables had a baby and smaller children. They were patient to provide baby chairs, hot water, extra cups, plates and utensils and many, many requests by us :(

And, the best part was, I requested for a little birthday cake, and they had this with a candle for the birthday girl.

 Happy Birthday :)

Set lunch comes with corn soup. It was a little watery with strong corn taste, and I'd expect to get a standard thick mushroom soup.

Grilled Salmon and Lemon grass chicken with pasta.
Since it's an affordable set lunch, don't expect a huge slice of salmon serving. The chicken is deep fried, so if you are a little health conscious, I wouldn't recommend you to order this.

Lamb Shepherd's Pie and fries

 Baked fish with pasta. 
I had this, and there were two slices of them. I couldn't figure out what sauce/ingredients used for the pasta, but it was very filling after finishing all of it.

Dessert of the day - A slice of cake (quite full after the whole course)

And a little small group photo :)
I would recommend this place for gatherings, and they even have afternoon tea sets - which I wanna try it out some day.

Facebook link: Western Spices

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