Sunday, February 16, 2014

Good Friends Never Bojio

Found this at Pik Nik, Nagore Road in Penang, and this place never stop to amaze me with its food, drinks, crowd, games, environment and all.

Their waffle is always good, and not forgetting the fries with wasabi sauce :)
Wait a minute, we requested for wasabi sauce and there wasn't any additional charge for that .. :D :D

Had a cuppa coffee with a friend whom I knew since primary, and it's just amazes me that we are still friends till now.... and yeah, the bubble says it all, "Good friends NEVER Bojio".

I have always treasure my family, friends, colleagues and even strangers who are good samaritans to me. Just the other day at a cinema pop corn counter, someone just offered me a 10% discount voucher. Although it wasn't a lot of $$ that was discounted, it's just how sweet some people are, helping me stretching my ringgit. Many, many other encounters too, colleagues offering food (yes, I tam-chiak), friends giving me Angpows during CNY and blessing me with meals/goodies (too), and even neighbours giving my family pengat for chap goh meh.

Pengat is a traditional Nyonya dish for the Hokkiens. They will cook big portions and distribute to their family and friends on Chap Goh Meh (Chinese Valentine's Day, too!). But, why they do that? Honestly, I dont know :D

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