Thursday, February 13, 2014

Facebook is 10!

Yeah. It's been 10 yrs.

Facebook has changed lives of many.
I used to rely a lot on Y!Messenger and MSN (or even skype) to stay in touch friends, but now, looks like facebook has ruled all these messenger softwares. And, back then, we were more popular with Friendster, and I refused to sign up facebook as I never even thought it has turned into one of the major social media tool NOW!
It's pretty sad that I gave up on wordpress, and hope not, for blogspot.
Well, still the conventional way of writing, as I realised that as the years passed, my memory has failed me badly. It is as though as all my memories were in a flash memory and wiped out after a reboot.

Now that I'm putting it down on a hard disk back. In fact, I've lost part of my memories from xanga, multiply and wordpress....
I'm keeping the lookback video in my youtube.

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