Sunday, December 08, 2013

An afternoon to kill at Plan B, Ipoh

It was a much awaited day to visit Plan b at Ipoh (at Jalan Panglima),since it's nearest Plan b from Penang (No, I have never been to any of their outlets around the Klang valley). Although we have Ben's, but I thought that the concept between Ben's and Plan b maybe slightly different. In terms of food served, I see the consistency in them. They turned the old shop lot at the corner of the old town of Ipoh into a place where I could sit back, relax and enjoy the tranquil of the quiet town.

In fact, it was not part of the itinerary that day to drop by Plan b, as most of my friends wanted to try authentic Ipoh food instead. Since there was not much to do with a filled stomach while waiting for dinner time, we ended up with A Plan b at Plan b. So, there is always A Plan b. :)

(photo courtesy from a friend)

The bottle display. 
The lights/lamps fascinated me. 
THINKBIG. That's the wi-fi password, which happens to be the same as Ben's.

The bar, and the cake display.

The shaded outdoor area, with cozy couches and floors preserving the old small white tiles. If i see it correctly, the couch covers are gunny sacks!

An asian tounge: Sweet potatoes fries with blue cheese+thousand island

My latte... 

The lonely sugar
I can't comment much about the food, as I didn't order any food!
But, I can guarantee that the sweet potato fries were nice, but it's just expensive (RM20), perhaps, the blue cheese is an expensive ingredient, but I did not finish up the dipping. (how wasteful it was).

Interestingly, this cafe is located just beside Roquette Cafe, and now, that makes me having another reason to visit Ipoh again!

What would it be like leaving Plan b without taking a picture of the light bulbs 
(photo courtesy from a friend)

Think big.  :)
(and again, I realized that big starts with the letter b)

Fungis growing
(photo courtesy from a friend)


Nick said...

ipoh ipoh ipoh :D

crazyyakuzaishi said...

Wah.. many new places to visit in ipoh when i go back... looking forward to it..

meiyi said...

yes.. surprising both of you that dropped comments on my blog is from Ipoh too :)