Monday, January 07, 2013

Share tea Heritage, Beach street, Penang

Beach Street buildings have been going through major face lifts. Many years ago, most of the buildings were mainly for offices, and right now, there are now more choices for  a cuppa drink or meal.

I still couldn't understand the bubble tea craze in Penang. The idea of having a plastic sealed drink with a thick straw seems to be a 'cool' thing for the old and young.
For WongKok Char Chan Teng members, there is a 10% discount for meet fresh and share tea. It seems that they are under the same 'umbrella'.

Extra Pearls Taro drink. I realised that I'm not a fan of taro drinks. I still prefer Chatime's Grass Jelly Roasted  milk tea or Share tea's Green tea with Red beans.

Very interesting Plum Potato fries. Both flavours at one go. Sweet and savoury. 

And the other many series.. too many choices to pick

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