Sunday, January 06, 2013

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2013

The first weekend of 2013 has come to past.
Time indeed flies, and I just remembered I had a week of reflections of 2012 few weeks ago.

It was a year of change for me in 2012. Many things changed; responsibilities grew, work life gets a little more stable (I'm glad with my work schedule since 2010 - a blessing in disguise for me), people around me changed, and etc etc..

The highlights in 2012 for me, is definitely my KK trip, that I managed to conquer Mt Kinabalu in May-12.
It was lot of pain and hardwork, trying to maintain some "stamina" with p90x after work, but was glad that the hard work was worthwhile, despite the fact that I grew too much body muscles. Year end health report showed that I need to lose more fats, and gain ZERO muscle mass. Oh man, I'm a fat and muscular woman!

And some other trips, which was memorable to me:

Krabi Island Hopping. Wanted to go to the islands in Thailand very much, since I missed the chance in 2012 while visiting Phuket due to rain!

My first ever solo trip abroad. I made it! (without much fear)

And my year ended with a trip to Legoland Malaysia, the first ever Legoland in Asia. :)

Just before 1-1-2013, I visited the seminary. Somewhat, I felt as if I was at a different country. I'm amazed that the old structured building is still as what it is after so many years. A lot of 'climbing' from one building to the other.

On the very same day, two school friends and I spent 'quiet time' together, in total tranquility, seeking God's words and pen it down on a piece of paper that would be passed around so that each of us would be able to  write for one another. The piece of notepad paper gave a lot of hope to me. Very quickly, I concluded that most of it were blessings, richness, and doing many great things, and also transformation from bad to good.

2013 has come.
New Year Resolutions have been set. 
Spending more time and appreciating God, family and friends, burn more fats away, getting more focused in life, and, hoping and seeking after God.

What would I expect in 2013?
One thing for sure, more blessings from God. The bad has come to past, and the good is coming!

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