Thursday, December 02, 2010

McDonald's has arrived Kulim Finally!

Kulim has indeed gone international!
Now, we have McDonald's (Music: pappa - rap - pappa) just beside Kulim Landmark! (Off Jalan Keladi)

It's just the second day since its opening on 1-Dec-10, and there was a huge breakfast crowd at 10am!
I was surprised with the McDonald's signages along the roads as I exited to Lunas from the BKE toll.
No wories of getting lost in Kulim - Just follow the Mcdonald's signage. :)

Weekday special: Premium Roast coffee + Sausage Egg McMuffin for only RM4.50

Kulim McDonald's opens 24 hours and it's a Drive thru restaurant
(why are they hogging the road?)


danz da man said...

Move to Cooleem then!

meiyi said...

cooleem is definitely the coolest place

Pei said...

ya..a lot of cooleemers r waiting for this to come d..dat's y it's so sure become 1 of d hang out place besides the Oldtown kopitiam n Boston now...