Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Checking Your Summons Online - Rilek

Being a frequent highway traveler with my old and faithful national car (I try to be a proud Malaysian), I try as much as possible to avoid getting any speed summons (if only I knew where they locate their speed cameras).

Having 50% currently, I am trying my luck to verify thatI dont have any summons.

Pathetically, this is what I get from Rilek.
How frustrated can the rakyat (me) be?

We should also penalize them for not setting up the correct bandwidth for us -> Summons waive if the Rilek page is not able to display anything.


Pei said...

u can sms to this number 32728.
type 'POLIS SAMAN (ur car plate no.) (email add in small letters)'. They will charge rm0.50 per sms,but it's fast.

meiyi said...

dowan to pay $$$

Anonymous said...

u can check with myeg.