Wednesday, January 06, 2010

A blessed New Year

The steadfast love of the Lord never ceases...
His mercies never come to an end..
They are new every morning.. great is thy faithfulness..
This year, my new year was started off in a special way, having myself witnessing the first dawn of the year 2010.
I thanked God for the good weather despite the fact that the clouds were covering the morning sun.
Whenever I see the hue of the sky in the morning, it reminds me that God's love never ceases and it's been renewed every day..
Church's theme for this year is Follow Christ, Make disciples.
Simple, yet hard to swallow.
Could I pray for more blessings to come even if I don't follow Him?


Pei said...

wow..nice scenery..
This year will be a wonderful one for all of us..:)

meiyi said...


ant said...

now the world is changing, God follow also. He accept pre or post way. You can follow later after the blessing. It's call customer oriented value.

John Dunbar said...

the horizon senget or my eyes senget? go shoot sunrise also boh chio! :P

meiyi said...

john as in zorro?
the victory 3001 senget.
not your eyes nor the horizon