Tuesday, April 07, 2015

Local Hawker Delights in Kuching

It's totally random that I found these places through recommendations from my friends, as I didn't do much read ups about how good the food is. The only thing I know I should have in Kuching is Kolo Mee (or Kolok mee) and Sarawak Laksa.

For a weekend trip, I'm truly satisfied that I was about to savour all of them.

1. Chong Choon Cafe at Jalan Abell, Padungan.
(This place was introduced by a friend and also the hotel frontdesk person too)

Add: Jalan Abell, Section 3, 93100, Kuching, Sarawak, 93100

Teh C (hot) and 3 Layer tea
A little not used to the 'table sharing' (tap toi) on my first day of arrival at Kuching, but it was an interesting experience to look around for empty seats, especially on a rainy, early morning. As soon as I got my seats, I ordered the 3 layer tea special (supposedly nipah syrup or brown sugar - right?)

I grabbed the Borneo Talk from the airport, thinking that I would read it while enjoying my breakfast. Well, I ended up looking around, snapping pictures instead.

What should we order? The picture says it all
 Kolo Mee

 Popiah (spring roll) and the other fried stuff

Sarawak Laksa

2. Noodles Descendants
Add: 188, Jalan Padungan, 93100 Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia
It's located on the left side of the road from the Chinatown arch.
This place - if you really don't have time to spare, it's better to skip to save time. Not only food ordering takes a long time (one hour for me), the drinks would also take a long time! It's quite unbelievable that there are still loyal customers patronizing this place, probably due to its authenticity of the kolo mee, and I really don't know why.

Few things to take note:
1. As you enter, find a seat, and it's common to have table sharing
2. After getting your seat, just sit and wait for the lady to get your drinks ordered
3. Wait longer for the kolo mee lady to take orders
4. Finally, food arrived. Getting the bill doesn't take a long time though :)

Padungan Chinatown arch

Noodle Descendants

Kolo mee with a taste of vinegar and the soup with the 'extra stuff'
The other bowl is just plain noodles - which is good to eat together with the soup.

Did you see that?
Customers are queuing behind... .

3. Carpenter Street (ah tap jie) - Teow Chew Temple

 The famous Carpenter Street Arch

Personally, I prefer the Kuey chap in Penang.
There are too many internal organs and I felt that there is just too much of black soy sauce in the soup, and less of the herbal taste.

3 sour drink - calamansi, lime and sum boey

4. Mee Sin Cafe, Jalan Padungan (beside cat statue, opposite Bistro 21)
Although I wanted to go to Chong Choon cafe again, at the same time, I wanted to try another cafe, and I was a little concerned with the wait time and the early morning heat.

Thus, I decided to walk in to a random cafe (cool air as it was not facing the sun)

 The 3 layer tea is black at the bottom - is it brown sugar?
Anyway, teh-c is my favourite drink. I'd order this in Penang too. :)

Kolo mee

5. Sio bee at Open air market (near Plaza Merdeka)
While shopping at Plaza Merdeka, met an old school friend and she introduced me to this Sio Bee (Siu mai) at the open air market (eh... got market meh). Quite filling as it has glutinous rice in it. I saw some Char Siu buns but it didn't taste good as I expected. 

This place is also famous for red kolo mee, but I think the stall wasn't open during that time.

Sio bee (dumplings) and Soya bean drink

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