Friday, August 02, 2013

Too much of dates? Bake a Date Cake!

I'm one of those that goes to a bake shop and hardly mess around in the kitchen, this time, since my mom was baking a cake, so i thought might as well bake another one, while the oven is still hot.

While fumbling around google to look for last-minute recipes, I referenced one of the recipes I found, which I thought, it's fairly simple enough to follow. I never bake a cake with flour before. The most I did was from the premix where I only added oil and eggs.

I brought back some dates from work since it's the month of Ramadhan, we were given small packets of dates daily to break 'fast'.

Here it is, my improvised recipe:

Main Ingredients
250 g Butter
150 g Brown Sugar
3 Eggs
250 g Self rising flour
6 g Baking Powder - i made a mistake by adding the baking powder since I'm already using a self rising flour

Date mixture
More than 10 chopped dates
10 g Sodium Bicarbonate
150 ml Hot Milk

2 tsp pink/white sugar powder(for dusting on top)

I'm going to summarize the experience I did today:

Date mixture
1. Add the chopped dates into the 150g of hot milk
2. Since I was supposed to soak it for few hours, and I don't have the time, I microwaved it! It was all dried up, and I just added plain hot water (randomly).
3. Add 10g of sodium bicarbonate and voila, I see something happening! Froth! Froth! I was thinking if I did the right thing??? Leave it alone for a moment.

1. Beat 250g of butter with 150g brown sugar (I thought the next time i'm doing it, i will reduce to 100g - the cake is too sweet)
2. Beat until it's light and fluffy and slowly add the eggs in one by one. Then, beat until the mixture is light.
3. Add the shifted flour into the mixture and fold it
4. Slowly add the date mixture into it.
5. Ta-da. Bake it for 40 minutes.
6. Dust the topping with sugared powder.

It's really random today, but I'm glad I bake my own very date cake.

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