Monday, August 16, 2010

Caffe Strada, Crystal Point, Penang

Thanks to Alan for inviting me for the review and I definitely enjoyed myself with a filled tummy.

The first thing I asked was if this strada is related to the one at the P.Tikus one, and it seemed that both are of different owners (separate entity). It was just a coincidence that the owner chose 'Strada' as they wanted the restaurant as an italian street concept (I hope I got it correct!).

Play some games while waiting for your food :)
And a glass of iced lemon tea with a tinge of lemongrass..

Why am I waiting?

Patiently waiting for others to come as I was pretty punctual. :D

I personally love this shot... having the right composition/contrast - I hope (and I think)

Hot chocolate (with colorful flowery marshmallows), strawberry frappe and chocolate frappe.

The first time I tasted the chocolate, I was wondering, why didn't the chocolate tasted like nutella? Then, I tried on the chocolate frappe and had the same feeling. It didn't taste like nutella again ( I'm a great fan of nutella - espeically imported ones).

So, I started asking the owner and it seemed like they are using DaVinci products (probably $7.99 per bottle for 12 servings)

Mango frappe and orange jewel milk shake

My favourite coz it's SOURISH. :p

Cappucino - if you want longer nights.

Chocolate Mint cake (their own recipe)

Now... here comes the REAL food..

Green Garden Salad

According to the owner, he wanted to create more salad dishes but it seems like it's not very much liked by the crowd, thus now, I guess, this is the only salad menu they have.

Seafood chowder in Bread bowl - if you are a celery lover (health freak), then you'll love this

The only chicken dish I prefer - Mongolian Chicken

Grilled butter fish (cut the fats!)

and lastly, finger licking good chicken wing with their specialty hot and spicy sauce

*group pic courtesy from Jason Wong *


danz da man said...

Nice write up, makes me want to visit. I like the pic of the coffee beans, like stolen from magazine.
I also like the pic of you patiently waiting for others to come as you were pretty punctual. :D

meiyi said...

thanks dan. check out the 'edited' one in my next post :)
it's kewler than ever!

FoOd PaRaDiSe said...

hmm... you always have a nice smile. ^-^