Sunday, June 13, 2010

The Lifespan of a Car Battery

It was a usual Sunday morning that I was about to start my car engine to get to church.
Somewhat, it couldn't get started and the worst part was, the alarm sounded.

It was a strong signal that my battery just declared DEAD.

Thinking that I had to for my duty, I forcefully started the engine and drove the car.
As soon as I parked the car at the church compound and off the engine, i tried again.

It failed me :(

I knew it wasn't coming alive anymore...
Which mechanic would work on a Sunday morning? I called up 2 and both was a NO :(

I sought for help all over the church after my duty (and miss the sermon somehow) and finally someone found me a mechanic!

Am glad. :)

Car batteries last only 2 years..... and mine was Apr'08.
I shall keep this date. 6/6/2010


JACT said...

is urs water bat or dry bat?

classyadele said...

wah u r still alive huh...thought u died liao

meiyi said...

Jact: dry - no maintenance :)
adele: i thought i was dead too...