Sunday, April 29, 2007

Free SMS and Free calls

Internet has indeed revolved so much and i can still recall how it was like during those times..

1995 - My classmates were into irc and icq and surfing the net and even for SPM questions! And, I was still totally blur, though I had a taste of irc in one of my friend's place.

1997 - I left home for Univ. It was so crazy to be emailing in between lectures. We all rushed to our Sun workstation (learnt a few unix commands) and used pine to access our uni emails. Next, was telnet, finger among one another (especially for those buayas). Aww.. i Darn missed those times, being buaya-ed most of the time. And, I was always rushing to the Computer Lab after dinner for further irc and icq!! I still remembered my first internet friend showed me some animated cards from bluemountain and I was so amazed. I didn't even know what HTML was back then!

My home had our very own 36.6kbps modem and I was sooo overjoyed that I could continue IRC-ing all day night

1999 - I moved on meeting net friends. Right now, I had over 60 net friends whom I met (outside uni). That's scary huh? Yahoo messenger was an "IN" thing among my hostel in Cyber, instead of ICQ - back then in malacca.

2000 - Digicams.... pdas.... burning mp3s into cd was part of the computer stuff (which i never had taste of it)

2001 - Welcome to the working world. MSN/Yahoo still an "IN" thing. ICQ is dying. IRC is terrible... like a brothel place. Maxis was giving free internet to phone (email sms).
My first try on VPN from the office.

2002 - World of broadband..... But I was still stucked with dial ups until later... streamyx came along! Hooray! And i learnt to VPN from Streamyx.

2003 - I started using Office messenger in my new work place, soon MS Communicator.

2004 - Skype came. VoIP trend is coming. My first feel of avaya system... in a call centre.

2005 - VoIP CISCO phone at work.
2007 - I've got wireless network at home! better still.. Free SMS from and free VoIP calls from Gizmo project.

MY internet life stopped in 2006. I felt like knowing friends from internet is a not-so-good thing. We wouldn't know who we will meet, especially in such corruptful world, unlike those days, 10 years ago, whereby internet was widely used by the more civilised ppl...

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