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An afternoon at Dannok

Living at the northern side of Malaysia makes it really convenient and easy to go 'overseas'. For us, going to our neighboring country, be it Thailand or Singapore by land or by flight is really easy. I'm always a fan of Thai food, and with the remaining Thai bahts that I had since my last Bangkok trip (which I didn't finish even crossing the border a couple or times), I decided to go Dannok for FOOD again. So, it's a day trip or rather, half day tour to Dannok

For the past few weeks, I was searching for insta / blog /facebook posts if there is any other new hangouts in Dannok, but sadly, I couldn't find many bloggers who write about it. The funny part is, I already blogged about it two years ago.

The immigration complex in Malaysia is new. I nearly couldn't recognize it, while passing to get our passport checked.

As I didn't want to drive over, we parked our car at the Zon Duty Free. As I entered, I took the wrong ticket (which parking rate is RM3/hour), and then I had to pay to re-enter to get the 'long hour' parking ticket which the fee was way cheaper, which is RM1/hour. There is a discount of 2 hours free if we shop RM50 and above. However, since the duty free area closes at 8pm, it's pretty hard for me to get something there after walking around. Got myself some snacks, and off I walked off to the Thai immigration centre.

The Old immigration office is closed and now, the new building is completed (where we used to park there).  I walked in to the office to get the white form (Thai immigration form) and got it filled up. In the past, the van drivers will drop by to get our forms filled separately and we had to provide another RM2 agent fee which I think it's not necessary.

Passing the Thai border is really easy, no more RM1 overtime fee during office hours. I was really surprised seeing the signage displayed.

I have always fancied Ronald Mcdonald's in Thailand, and I would never stop to take picture with it

 And my pork burger fix - and they have cute Mcflurry durian.
Not forgetting,  the green curry chicken pie too!

As it was still hot afternoon, while going between shops towards the immigration, I'd also stop at their 7-11 to get myself some cold drinks ..




Things we can should get at 7-11 at Thailand - Lays chips, Tasto chips, pork burger, Pocky/Glico , Vitamilk, Vitasoy, Betagen, Duck instant noodles, Aloe vera gel, coffee/tea and the list can really go on...


I started walking around MBI resort /village and I also like to take picture with Koh Kae (the popular Thai peanut snack)

As I walk further down to MBI Resort, I notice that there is shuttle service / Park train to the Asean Cultural Village. So, I asked the train driver if it was really free - and yeah, he confirmed that to me, and if we needed to come back, we can take the shuttle van back as the train only operates 2 hours once (well make sense as it was off-peak period).

Surprisingly,  on our way to the village, there were many Thai locals doing their evening jogs/walks. I was thinking I should walk back too!

The train stopped exactly infront of Dinosaur Park. It was already 6pm (Thai time) and I decided to take a quick walk before the evening gets darker.

Horse riding for children. And there are ostriches too! Further up, there is also an animal farm.

Reminds me of Chiangmai's Long-neck village whenever I come here. There was a lady who had a lot of chains around her neck but I was too shy to ask for a photo-shoot.


The Road to Wulin. You can rent a chinese costume for a minimal fee too. Oh ya, there is also a few restaurants (mookata, chinese restaurant and Izakaya) which I didn't' bother to check out their menu.

The cowboy town

The Pandas are slightly different compared to my previous trip. They are SOLID pandas now, and not the ones with lights.

The 101 Dalmatians

And of course, there were just too many areas for me to snap photos...
Water park for the kids

Chiangmai's White temple and also the arch that resemble Saint Basil's Cathedral.. perhaps in view of World cup 2018..

And last but not least, my last top at Tesco Lotus to get more chips and junk food :)

And i notice that in Thailand, they love to decorate their gardens, and I took this picture right outside of Tesco Lotus.


A trip at Thailand is never complete without a nice hot bowl of kuey chiap and Pork Leg rice around MBI resort. My dinner only cost 160baht!

And also their "You Mian"  (50baht) - which is translated as "Oily Noodles" which I bought from the roadside night market.

I guess, going to Dannok is really easy, it's just like walking around the Georgetown Heritage city in Penang, except that there is less shade here. Just to take note, the speed limit from Jitra to Changloon is 80-90km/h, so do follow traffic rules, else there will be an officer awaiting you at one of the roadblocks.


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